Five minutes with… Darya Bing

Photography by Cindy Leong

Meet Darya Bing, designer, artist, stylist and mother... among other talents.  With an eye for detail and a confident approach to style, Darya’s knack for building beautiful looks and wearable wardrobes sees her working magic in store with our customers in her one on one personal styling appointments.


Susana Shirt / Pueblo Pant

Susana Shirt / Pueblo Pant 

We took five with Darya answering our questions about life, style and what spring will be bringing for her.


How would you describe your personal style and how has this changed/developed over the years? 

My style has simplified over the years, making room for clean, simple silhouettes, the importance of fit, fabric and cut. I still have a longstanding love of vintage, of which I find ways to incorporate into my wardrobe.


Carlo Jacket / Carlo Pant Blue Check


What are the three most used items in your wardrobe?

Jeans, white T-shirt and sunglasses


You’re (among other things!) a personal stylist, what drew you to this work initially?

I was always involved in the arts. This work is yet another way to practice my love of aesthetics and my interest in translating fashion into personal style.


 Susana Shirt / Pueblo Pant 


What’s a common concern or query your customers have and how do you help them solve it?

Mostly feeling overwhelmed by trends, not knowing what to wear for their body type and wanting to learn how to look elegant while running a busy lifestyle (work, kids, sports etc.). Together we simplify things, change perception, understand the importance of fit, cut, fabric, colour theory. Most importantly, empower women to understand what they want, without the outside noise.


If there was one sneaky styling tip you’d love every woman to know, what would it be? 

Fashion doesn’t make you happy, empowered or sexy, your experiences and relationships do. In addition to that, simplify! When you look at the mirror, take something away instead of adding, the fabric, cut and fit will matter most.


What should no summer wardrobe be without?

An effortless dress and a trans-seasonal jacket.


 Gema Dress / Carlo Jacket


What are your favourite five pieces from the Gregory SS18 collection?

Carlo Jacket + Carlo Pant

Gema Jumpsuit

Gema Dress

Galvez Polo Jumper

Susana Top + Pueblo Pant


Your home is so beautiful and unique, are there any particular elements or objects in your home you love most?

I particularly love the afternoon sun streaming into the living room, our wild garden and when the house is full of friends and children, eating, drinking and spending time together. Objects are mostly a reflection of our experiences and sense of aesthetics.


Art Print and Ceramics by Gidon Bing 


What’s inspiring you right now?

I have been watching a lot of old Italian films lately, which I find wonderful - especially the men’s fashion, like Mastroianni. 


Complete this sentence: “This summer, you’ll find me….”

In the garden :-)

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